What To Look For When Buying A Home In Palm Springs, Ca

What you look for when buying a Palm Springs Area Home and who you choose to work with makes all the difference in the world on how the process will work for you.


Palm Springs is all about the Neighborhoods.

But isn’t that the way in many cities you ask?

Yes of course but here in Palm Springs, we have a few other things to consider too.  Many of our neighborhoods reflect varying forms of Palm Springs Style and of course, pricing just as in other cities.  But in addition, our neighborhoods will also reflect weather- yes weather.

In Palm Springs, as you travel north in the city, you will become more susceptible to desert winds.  Our windy season is generally in the Spring and early Summer but depending on other more global weather patterns such as El Nino, it can go far beyond that.  The winds can be, at times, relentless throughout the day in an abnormal year.  But in a normal year, they may only last for the afternoon and early evening.

What else would your Realtor tell you?  Well that we have an Airport runway just about in the center of town so some housing areas are going to hear jets taking off and landing.  Now we don’t have a lot of airport traffic and there is a night time curfew but this is just another example of why a Realtor can best assist with such an important purchase.  I mean let’s face it, you come here to buy an investment or retirement property and the last thing you’d want is to find out you’re right next to the Airport, right?


Talk to an experienced Realtor! Why you ask?

One who has the years of experience to know that a specific neighborhood or even a lot within a development may be more or less susceptible to wind.  With his or her knowledge close at hand, weather conditions or noisy areas can be noted so that the purchase process will be more successful right off the bat!


Information About Buying or Selling Palm Springs Area Real Estate


Buying or Selling in today’s real estate market is a challenge and a process that is easily accomplished with the help of a Real Estate professional. You will need an expert who has lived in the desert and knows the lifestyle and the unique housing market.

The market in the Greater Palm Springs Area is alive and the values are exceptional for those who are looking for an ideal investment or a vacation/retirement property. We have many choices for every need, budget and amenity list.

Is to be your primary residence? We have what it takes to get you settled into a great family home in the neighborhood of your choice.

Selling your home in the Greater Palm Springs Area? I will make the experience easy, friendly and professional. Our mission is to provide outstanding service while utilizing the best practices and Internet technology available.

If you are plan to rent your new home, we have the staff partners who will assist with any project or property management while you are away from the property.

For more information on how I can best serve your Greater Palm Springs area needs, please fill out the online contact form give us a call at 760-413-2871.

I won’t just sell you a house but I WILL help you find the home you will LOVE!


Ron is a Greater Palm Springs Area Realtor® specializing in Palm Springs vacation homes, investment properties in Palm Springs and primary single-family Palm Springs Homes for Sale. He has the long term knowledge necessary to make the buying and selling of Greater Palm Springs Area real estate a smooth enjoyable process.


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