7 Things You Should Know About Moving To Greater Palm Springs

7 Things You Should Know About Moving To Greater Palm Springs

Whenever you buy a home in any area, don’t you wish someone would tell you some of the very key things you need to know about the area, be they good or bad?


So here are a few things you should know about our fair Paradise.

  1. The Weather is Gorgeous. Palm Springs has gorgeous weather year round and yes the summers are indeed HOT! But do you also know it can be a harsh climate at times?  It’s dry as a bone and can get windy in some areas but the trade-off is fair to those of us who choose to live here year round.  In the end, its worth it to have 9 months of gorgeous and 3 months of hot.
  2. It’s a Tourist Town. This place is a tourist town slash Snowbird Paradise from Thanksgiving until late April so there are lots of people here (but no big traffic jams) but with that comes opportunity for business and events
  3. Tons Of Things To Do. Speaking of events we have a slew of things happen throughout the year.  Namely our International Film Festival; The Bob Hope Classic; The PNB Parabis Tennis Open; Kraft Nabisco (The Dinah) Women’s Golf Classic; Coachella Fest; Stagecoach Fest; Gay Film Festival; Palm Springs Pride; Tour de Palm Springs and a whole lot more.
  4. Culture is Here. Want culture?  We have a beautiful art museum, the McCallum Theater, the Annenberg Theater; art galleries galore; top rate movies; the iMAX and local theater too.
  5. Shopping Galore. We are the place to shop.  Beginning at El Paseo- our very own “Rodeo Drive” all the way to the shops of downtown Palm Springs, we have it all.
  6. Outdoor Sports For Everyone. Our desert is perfect for hikers, bikers, rock climbers, and tennis and golf enthusiasts (125 courses in the area) so bring your gear and we will have some fun.  Add to that Knott’s Water Park; the Painted Desert; Hiking up at the top of Mt San Jacinto; Joshua Tree National Monument and so much more.
  7. Great Values In Real Estate. And finally we have some of the best values in Real Estate you could ever imagine.  If you are looking for that perfect vacation or rental property, this is THE place to make the deal that will get you a home you will love in a place that affords a healthy and active lifestyle.  The prices couldn’t be lower for that once in a lifetime deal.

So get to know the town where you’d like to relocate.  And to do that, find yourself a great Realtor who has been in business in the area for a long time.  Then you will know you are getting the advice you need to make the decision to buy in a city without getting any surprises later on after the deal closes.