101 Things To Do in Palm Springs, Lifestyle

Palm Springs Lifestyle- What DO we do here in the summer?

“We’re having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,
The way that she moves
That thermometer proves
That she certainly can can-can.”

~Irving Berlin; Heat Wave

Yes it DOES get hot here but for those tens of thousands of us that live here year round, WE LOVE IT!  Most desert rats will never complain about temperatures until they go over 110 degrees or so.  But even then, we still manage.  Its no different really from those who live in the northern tundra and have to fear freezing to death during winter or being on South Florida when its 98 degrees and 95% humidity with flies and mosquitoes…… they manage.

What we do is get up early, get our chores and running around done then we siesta.  Show property?  Sure, we just go out early or late in the day.  Mid day will find us in offices or floating in the pool (my favorite).  And there are other ways to beat the heat.  For about $60.00, you can get a summer season pass to the Palm Springs Areial Tram and rise 8500 ft to the top of Mt. San Jacinto where its about 20-25 degrees cooler and you can hike, have lunch or just enjoy the view.

Or maybe try Idyllwild.  Its an artsy hideaway about an hour’s drive from Palm Springs.  Its located on the back face of Mt. San Jacinto and is well shaded with lots of trees.  There you can stroll amongst the shops and art galleries then have lunch at one of the rustic eateries you’ll find there.

Want to take it a bit further, try a weekend at a B&B along the coast (about 2 hours) or maybe up at Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead….. all fine areas and have resorts that await you and which are affordable.

So now you have a brief look at just a few of the things to do here in the Greater Palm Springs area.  Come join us for some good times in the summer and see why we call this our Paradise.

Oh- and if you ike to eat…… most of the reataurants here all have some great bargains on their regular menu items every day of the week.  It s the time of year that us locals go out more often and enjoy the offerings without all of the hustle bustle of the tourist season.