How Green Is Palm Springs, Ca?

The desert, green?  But its a desert!  How can it possibly be green?  By having a ton of windmills nearby and making renewable energy a priority, that’s how!

Have a look here at the San Gorgonio Pass Windmill Farm and see what I mean.  We generate a lot of power here that goes out onto the grid for use by the local power companies.  Nice!

Palm Springs, CA is for Green Living

And we have the advantages of Solar Power.  In fact, its something that we actually do something about in our planning and through Regional Collaboration. Its a known fact that the deserts of the Southwest can supply the energy needs for the entire country and still have room to spare.

Palm Springs, Ca has solar power to spare

Want more?  The cities in the Greater Palm Springs area have themselves begun projects to reduce energy consumption through use of tax incentive programs and making energy efficient products available at a great savings.  This is a very smart use of government when it comes to helping people save money and live green.

In addition, the state of California has rebate programs for solar installations, the utility companies provide many incentives to save energy and rebate money back to customers and so on.  All it takes is the will to want to accomplish a goal and together people can make it happen and they can create a sustainable living environment.

Want more information on Palm Springs Living?  Contact me and let’s have a chat on how you can live green in Palm Springs.