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Choosing A Realtor®- Do You Choose The Brand Or The Person?

Choosing A Realtor®- Do You Choose The Brand Or The Person?

The great consensus is that many people just don’t care what brand name (e.g. Windermere, Re/Max, etc) is behind  the person they’re considering.  What they seem to care about is the PERSON!  So let’s just say that brand isn’t very important.  Want proof?

Have a look here at an on the street survey and see what I’m talking about- this is very enlightening and a bit amusing at times.

So it seems that a person’s association with a particular firm wasn’t very important- in fact it was the 2nd least important of all.  Most people wouldn’t even interact with the broker or care who that person is.  And it’s becoming a fact that some brands are failing so why bother to be associated with a brand?

All these other factors were considered more important than the company/brand with which the agent was associated:

  • Honesty and trustworthiness
  • Reputation of agent
  • Agent is friend or family member
  • Agent’s knowledge of neighborhood
  • Agent has caring personality/good listener

Now just look at the first two.  Those are what really matters and those are the ones that get you referrals, right?  But also, those qualities can be communicated in other ways especially through your blogging.  By listing your recommendations and your resume/bio on your blog or website and on sites such as LinkedIn, you can then make these kudos easily accessible when people ask about your credentials.  People really do read those and take them to heart.  What’s more, the recommendations are EASY to come by- one just needs to ask your client and it will come.

I use LinkedIn as my new way to get people to write a review.  If they aren’t a member, then a simple email letter will suffice that you can then post on your blog.

So ask yourself how do your clients know you?

  • Is it your brand?
  • Your face?
  • Your cell phone number?
  • Your blog?
  • Your reputation around town?
  • How often you come up in a Google search?

For many Realtors, its all the above- and that’s good.

For more information, check out these two blogs HERE and HERE.  They have a lot more information on this topic and may help prove to you that the brand doesn’t matter.  Once you learn about that, then maybe you’ll go for a broker that charges a lot less per transaction, has no  other burdensome fees and will allow you to really be an independent business-person.  I did that a year ago and have never looked back.


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