Buying A Palm Springs Home? This Is A Binding Contract And You Need To Follow A Few Guidelines

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Buying a Palm Springs, CA home?  This is a binding contract and if you follow a few guidelines it will ensure a smooth transaction.

Sound like a lot to do?  Not really and it’s well worth it when purchasing a Palm Springs home in today’s market that is so deeply discounted.  The rewards are phenomenal!

It’s getting to the point now that we have to define a few guidelines to our clients and to their lenders that will help save time and expedite transactions.  With all the issues arising around short sales, foreclosures and the difficulty we have with various banking rules, these points will help move things along to a smooth close.

As we proceed into this transaction, here are a few tips to help the transaction go smoothly:

  • This offer is a binding contract and any changes you may want to make to the conditions may not be possible to achieve after it’s accepted. This is especially true when it comes to changing the people listed as buyer or changing their legal names.  Many banks will not allow such changes to happen once escrow has opened.
  • You will have several choices when it comes to signing documents:
    • We will sign electronically when we are permitted by banking rules.  We will inform you when this is possible.
    • Print and sign in person at our office.  We’d love to have you visit anytime we can help with our resources here.
    • Print and sign at home.  If this is your only option, then the documents must be scanned back to us after signing as PDF files only (no JPEG). Your other option is to use a fax but the fax must be clear, legible and in some logical order. Use Staples, FEDEX or the local UPS store to fax if you do not have access to a fax machine.
  • Buyer: Do not try and change the terms of the loan or add/remove borrowers after the loan has been submitted for approval.  This will slow down the process or cause it to begin anew.  Also, do not make any major purchases or changes to your credit/banking balances unless instructed by your lender.
  • To your lender, I expect that he/she will have read the terms of the contract and are aware of any issues that may affect Underwriting so that you do not hold up the loan a few days before we need to sign Docs.  We also expect to have the loan docs to Escrow in sufficient time to sign and return them for funding.
  • Lender– If you say it’s OK to release loan contingencies before underwriting is complete, I am going to require that you put that in writing.  It will be your responsibility to your client if the loan does not fund or if delay penalties are incurred.  If you allow me to release contingencies then you change the terms of the loan, my buyer may not be able to afford the house and may lose their deposit.  That will be your responsibility to reimburse your client for any losses incurred.
  • Buyer– If you use an out of state lender, be aware that they may not have an understanding of this real estate market and they 0ay have requirements or questions that we may not be able to answer.
  • As Is- As is means just what it says…..AS IS!  That means the bank is not willing to make repairs unless specifically mentioned in the listing.  You will be allowed a full Home Inspection before you have to decide to buy and this will tell you what works and what does not or is in need of repair.  And you can always buy a Home Warranty to ensure you have a working home with major repairs covered.
  • Buyer, you may incur certain costs involved with a foreclosure such as having to turn on the gas and electric in order to have an inspection or to do re-keying if so required.  These are your charges and not mine so be ready if you want to buy this fabulous home for a 50-60% discount.
  • Other costs you may possibly incur are:
  • Septic inspections and pumping
  • Pool inspections or repairs
  • Landscaping issues
  • Various minor and major repairs
  • Appliances (may be missing)
  • If your lender has not performed it is not my responsibility.  I can only provide them with information requested and do my best to move things along (and I will help you in any way I can) but if your lender is not performing, its up to you to light the fires under him or her and get them to do their job.

Buyers please understand we take this task seriously because small mistakes can cost big bucks, delays or the loss of the deal.

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