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Palm Springs Neighborhoods- What You Need To Know When Buying A Home

So you’ve made the decision to retire in Palm Springs California or maybe buy a vacation home or investment rental here.  Great!  What next?  Well it’s time to learn about the Palm Springs neighborhoods and then decide where you may want to begin your home search.

Palm Springs is comprised of neighborhoods:  Heard of the Movie Colony?  Las Palmas or Warm Sands?  The Mesa?  How about Demuth Park and The Tennis Club?  All great places to live and all have their star power to go along with them too.  Remember that back in The Fifties, Palm Springs  was a Hollywood get-away for the stars.  Some had marvelous estates or just modest homes and some may have lived in a modern Trailer Park.

Palm Springs Movie Colony neighborhood

People are drawn to a Palm Springs neighborhood for various reasons:

  • Location- it is close to downtown or maybe close to the mountain?
  • Does it have great history?  Did the stars live near-by? Celebrities like: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., George Hamilton, Bob Hope, Albert Einstein Bing Crosby, Kirk Douglas, Cary Grant, and Jack Benny. Several ladies were frequent visitors including Marilyn Monroe, Dinah Shore, Kitty Carlisle, Lily Tomlin, Elizabeth Taylor and Susan Sommers.Palm Springs was host to famous couples including: Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, Steve Lawrence and Edye Gorme, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner, Lucy and Desi, Elvis and Priscilla, and Jennifer Jones, President Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower, President Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and Walter and Lee Annenberg, Betty and Gerald Ford and many others.
  • What are the features you may love?  A superb park, a quiet street, good views ( easy in this town)
  • What about architecture?  Like Mid-Century Modern?  Spanish?  Tuscan? Traditional Ranch?  How about a low maintenance condo?
  • Want something you can rent out part-time or full-time?

Did You Know?

  • Palm Springs has its own Walk of Stars in downtown where ‘stars’ are embedded in the sidewalk including Sophia Loren, Kathy Griffin, Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Hope and many more.
  • Driving through Palm Springs and other desert cities, one will find several of the streets are named after stars, such as Frank Sinatra Drive, Dinah Shore Drive and Bob Hope Drive.
  • Elvis and Priscilla honeymooned in Palm Springs. You can take a tour of the famous Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway.
  • Take a celebrity tour of Palm Springs and see where the stars lived and played in Palm Springs.
  • Cary Grant’s former estate is now a trendy restaurant.
  • Celebrity golf tournaments are named after Hope, Sinatra and singer Dinah Shore.
  • The city’s mayor, Sonny Bono, a ’60s pop star once musically partnered and married to Cher started the Palm Springs International Film Festival which to this day is a world class event.
  • Several stars stayed at the El Mirador Hotel (now Desert Regional Medical Center), played tennis at the Racquet Club and enjoyed the pools and glamor of The Riviera Resort.
    • The El Mirador was built in 1935 and became a medical facility during World War II
  • The historic Plaza Theater, circa 1935, (home of The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies) is the scene of many Jack Benny radio broadcasts in the ’40s as well as a Hollywood premiere or two.
  • “Oceans Eleven” filming in Palm Springs brought both modern stars and old memories to Palm Springs’ film colony.
  • Casa Cody was Charlie Chaplin’s hangout, while the Ingleside Inn was home to Greta Garbo and Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Tell me you haven’t seen the 1963 movie, Palm Springs Weekend?
  • Cheeta the Chimp… Tarzan’s co-star still lives in Palm Springs and is in his 70’s

Want to know more?

Information About Buying or Selling Palm Springs Area Real Estate

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