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When Buying A Palm Springs Home, Why Google The Address For Homebuying Information?

Palm Springs Movie ColonyI just read an article about why one should Google their home address. Googling for Palm Springs Real Estate property information makes sense doesn’t it?  As a Realtor, just think about how easy it is to pick up so much property information in one place.  And as a Palm Springs home buyer, wouldn’t you rather be well-informed?

Why Google that Palm Springs home address?

Here are a few ideas on what you may find about Palm Springs Real Estate:

  1. Crime reports for the address and neighborhood will pop right up.  Think you may want to know that?
  2. A quick list of past listing activity will be there too.  What an easy way to see what’s been happening with that property over the years.
  3. Property Records the entries from the county of record come right up including tax information. Good info about prices in the area.
  4. Street Views- What’s that good for?  Do you think as a prospective buyer, you want to know that the neighbor next door has a [insert awful item or feature here] in their back yard?  What better way to help assess the good and bad features of a neighborhood.
  5. Megan’s Law Entries- just Google the address along with “Megan’s Law”  and get that information fast and easy.
  6. Information on many other aspects of the street including any news stories that mentioned the street name.
  7. Neighboring businesses is a big one too.  To some, that is important for traffic and noise and is especially useful for out-of-town buyers.
  8. Detect scammers trying to rent or the sell the property you are now listing or showing.  We all know how prevalent that is now days.
  9. How about facts about the seller that your buyer may want to know? How about learning more about the home and its owner that you are about to list?

And who knows what else you will find?  This information is very valuable and will allow you to learn more about the largest purchase you will ever make.  We all have to become better informed and we need to make the best informed decisions so why not use the Internet tools to which we have such easy access?

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Buying or Selling Palm Springs Real Estate?

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