Can You Increase The Value Of Your Home Using Green Technology?

Concierge Services in Palm SpringsGreen Technology In Your Palm Springs Home Can Increase Its Value- Really!

Living Green– should there be any other way?  Not in my opinion.  It is so easy to use less carbon and to conserve water and resources.  Just look around you and think twice about every thing you consume. Everything.  And when buying things, select the green choice especially when it comes to things that use electricity.  It does make a difference.

We all have read articles about strategies to help save energy in your home, which include:

  • lowering thermostats in winter and raising them in summer
  • replacing air filters (believe it or not, even I forget)
  • tuning your AC and heating system
  • Replacing light bulbs with more energy-efficient varieties
  • use low flow shower heads and toilets

So here is a list of some of the options you should consider to add value to your home and save energy.  Most of all, this will reduce the carbon footprint you place on the planet each day which is a good thing.

Going Green In Palm Springs, CA

Why Use Energy Star Appliances?

Buy appliances that have the Energy Star label.  The US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department Of Energy run the Energy Star program.  The label makes identifying appliances that meet this standard easy to find.  Appliances meeting this requirement will save money and produce far less greenhouse gas.

Why Use Energy Efficient Lighting?

Compact fluorescent lights also known as CFL’s,  LED lights and halogen bulbs are great energy-efficient lighting choices that shed some good light on the subject and save money.  Plan on saving 50 to 75 percent on your lighting costs over time. Note LED lighting is still a bit expensive and some may not like the “temperature” of the light but they are getting better and cheaper.  Timers, motion sensors and dimmers add to the savings mix and this website about energy-efficient lighting from the Department of Energy will provide more useful information.

How Does Dimming Save Energy And Does It Work?

Dimmer controls work by electronically hold back the flow of power to the bulb and thus provide variable indoor lighting.  This effect lowers the wattage thus lower usage and lowering your bill. Dimmers are now available for CFL’s and can extend their life and the life of all bulb types.

All Those Electronic Power Supplies Suck Energy- Even When The Device Is Turned Off!

Yes, turning off things will save energy but so many devices today continue to use power through their power supplies.  So here’s a trick that works well.  Use a power strip at your TV area and Computer area.  After turning those off, turn off the power strip too and you will save even more.  Remember, if it feels warm, its using power.  And how does saving $100.00 per year sound to you?  Like a night out on the town?

What’s The Latest on Rebates?

Heard about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ?  Well those rebates have mostly dried up.  Check with your local city, state or county website for information on what may be available in your area.  The programs do exist and they cover the upgrade and replacement of many types of appliances as well as upgrades to your home’s energy efficiency.  At the appliance rebate programs website,  you will see if your state still has a program in place.  Rebates payoff in 2 ways, by saving money on electricity, you get to play with new appliances and you get  a nice discount on the deal.

Are Tax Credits and Offers Still Available From The Energy Star Rebate Program?

Energy Star partners and their related agencies within the governments, state federal and local, are constantly coming up with rebate offers on Energy Star qualified products.  To find out what’s available, visit the  Energy Star appliance website to see what is eligible in your area.

Are there still rebates via The Federal Stimulus Program On Energy-Saving Appliances?

As mentioned earlier many rebate programs have expired yet others are created so go to appliance rebate programs what is available in your area.

Now here’s more about tax credits for improvements to your home’s energy efficiency.  At the tax credits website, you can see if you are eligible  to receive credits for improvements for all the systems in your home including HVAC, insulation, doors, windows, solar film, lighting and more.  Read the fine print before doing any work as there are restrictions at times.

There is also a great resource for federal, state, local and utility incentives using the U.S. Department of Energy’s Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency, or DSIRE.

Special incentive and rebate programs change and Google can help you find them. While some programs no longer have funding, others are created as the need for energy efficiency increases.  Check all resources listed often and call  the local power company for their up to date information.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find out you are eligible for some handy rebates and upgrades.

Here is the latest information for the Palm Springs Area

Want more information about the Desert Cities ?

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