The 7 Principles Of Effective Home Buying

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So you want to buy a Palm Springs home?  Over the years, we’ve seen ’em come and go and the ones who make it to the end of the process usually have down their homework, are patient people and they listen to their Realtor.  It’s our job to know how to help you buy a home so read on and know we can do this!

Principle #1: Talk to a loan person and get pre-qualified

This is the first step for any home buyer.  It doesn’t pay to invest a lot of time or emotion in the home search if your credit house isn’t in order.  If you want some great tips, read this article we wrote a while back as a start and then read the others suggested in the article as well and you will have all the information you will need.

Principle #2: Decide on what bells and whistles you must have

You wouldn’t even believe it if I told you about how many people come to us “ready to buy” and haven’t got a clue about what they’re looking for.  Now it IS our job to advise on the different aspects of a desert city or neighborhood that may best suit one’s needs but we can’t possibly advise on what features you may love or hate about a home.  So give this some thought and decide what you really want out of a new home and then we’ll show you some great properties that will make the decision process go so much faster.

Principle #3: Be realistic about the market

Know one thing- trust your Realtor to know the market in a given neighborhood and if you don’t have a Realtor that knows his stuff- find one who does!  A good Realtor will know if a property is priced correctly and what you should offer but realize one thing; that is there is no going into an offer that is what we call “cents on the dollar” and lowball offers just won’t work.  The market is already discounted 40 to 60% from the highs of 2005-2006.  Short Sales and foreclosures are generally priced at what the owner or bank expects to get but to think a lowball offer will work?  Well it won’t.

Principle #4: Be flexible on the floor plan and decor

Unless you build a custom home, you will have to make a few concessions and for criminy sakes, don’t worry about the paint color on the inside- that’s the easiest thing in the world to change before or after you move in.  Instead of dwelling on a few features that may not suit your taste, we can help you see how easily those features can change into something that will be just perfect your lifestyle.  Read this article and see what can be done for just a small additional investment.  For about $250.00, you can get a designer to advise you on various ways to achieve exactly what you want in a home.

Principle #5: Learn about the home buying process

This is key!  Knowing the process will set your expectations on what lies ahead.  This is where the patience comes in.  So do a little reading and learn all you can.  We will also explain everything to you but few pay attention and when things happen, they’re all concerned.

Know the purchase contract and the steps in a real estate transaction and understand what you are signing.  The purchase contract is what becomes the Escrow instructions that will guide your escrow officer on the deal once you have an agreement.  Buying a home in California has become a many-faceted project and so much in the purchase contract is there for your protection which is good.

Principle #6: Be respectful of the process

When touring homes during the selection process, be aware that you are in someone else’s home.  Leave it as you found it and don’t rummage through their things.   Remember the golden rule on this one.

You are going to come across or met a lot of people as the process moves along so keep in mind that they are all working on some aspect of your transaction and they’re goal is the same as yours and that is to get you into the home.  It may look at times as though some are trying to derail your dream but in reality, that’s not so.

The lender is the most challenging because the underwriting and quality control aspects of funding is much more detailed than it was in the past.  They are just following the new rules of mortgages so work with them and the job will get done faster.

Principle  #7: Relax- it will be OK!

As agents, Ron Jesser & Associates tries to make the process fun using the Lighten-Up technique. We take the drama out even when the proverbial s**t hits the fan.  We work through the issues as they come up always trying to assure you, our client, that what is happening isn’t about you nor is a particular hurdle unusual. It’s just the process.  Using this approach keeps the client on an even keel and positive about the outcome.

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