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Deepwell Neighborhood Palm Springs Ca

Deepwell Neighborhood Palm Springs CA aka Deepwell Colony Estates is one of the oldest in the city so how do you think it got its name?


This is one of those neighborhoods within the city of Palm Springs that is as rich with history as any but may not be as well-known. Deepwell Neighborhood Palm Springs Ca has history unknown by many and this article should help to fix that.

From The Unofficial History Of Deepwell by Ron Root:

“A decade later, Henry Pearson, a scientist,
purchased the property. He drilled a well and hit water
at 100 feet. With scientific curiosity, he drilled even deeper
passing several water stratum and quit at 630 feet.
Thus the name Deepwell was coined.

The earliest residents of the valley were the Agua Caliente Band Of Chauilla Indians tribe of the Mission band of Cahuilla Indians and later the Mexicans. They called this desert “The hollow of God’s Hand” (La Palma de la Mano de Dios).

The first settlers purchased 320 acres from Pedro Chino, a member of the Agua Caliente Band of Chauilla Indians in 1880 and from there early development began with the building of an adobe hotel and planting some of the first fruit orchards. 

In 1928 Chrlie Doyle bought and converted the structures into the Deepwell Guest Ranch with accommodations for 22 guests. It was really more like a resort than a dude ranch and was the beginning of how this area became so oriented to ranching and horseback riding.

Celebrity homes include those of William Holden, Loretta Young, Tippi Hedrin, Eva Gabor of The Gabor Sisters, Carmen Miranda, Jerry Lewis, Liz Taylor, Richard Burton and Eddie Fisher who all claim fame to this stylish neighborhood.

In 1952, the Deepwell Colony Estates was officially started as a subdivision with the first development underway. Today, a drive through the streets of this neighborhood is great fun but better yet, rent some bikes and ride these quite streets and enjoy one the of oldest neighborhoods of Palm Springs CA

The Deep Well Architectural Committee was created which had their say about size, type of dwellings and general aesthetics for the neighborhood. Preserving views and maintaining a residential environment was their main mission but has since become a function of the City Planning Department.

Deepwell Neighborhood Palm Springs CA has these boundaries:

  • East: Sunrise Way
  • West: Deepwell Estates Ranch Including Biltmore Homes—not condos
  • North: Mesquite Ave.
  • South: Deepwell road (west of Sagebrush) East Palm Canyon (east of Sagebrush)


Average Seasonal Temperatures for Deepwell Neighborhood:

Winter: Daytime highs of 72°F, with overnight lows of 42°F

Spring: Daytime highs of 86°F, with overnight lows of 55°F

Summer: Daytime highs of 108°F, with overnight lows of 77°F

Autumn: Daytime highs of 92°F, with overnight lows of 59°F

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