100 Years Of Palm Springs History

100 Years Of Palm Springs History~ 1910 Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs, California- A History100 Years Of Palm Springs History 1910, Palm Springs, CA


Travel with us through time as we explore 100 Years Of Palm Springs History 1910. This journey will show you the rich and vital history of this once wild west town that is now one of the best tourist stops in the US.

1910 was the year Coachella High School was founded.  It was built on 10 acres of desert brush made up of donated land.  Built in Thermal, CA which at that time, was considered the central part of the valley.  (And you thought it was all about Palm Springs, Eh?)

The school still exists today and is proud of its rich history and heritage.  The roots of the community are that of an agricultural economy which continues today.  Coachella produces more of the world’s dates than any other US city and they are a big export. They also grow a wide range of produce that is consumed locally and is shipped around the US.

Other 1910 world and local history highlights include:

  • At Casa Cody, A Small Inn of Palm Springs, the 1910 Adobe House once the playground of opera star Lawrence Tibbit and Charlie Chaplin
  • President Ronald Reagan was born
  • Climbers scaled the highest peak in North America, Alaska’s Mt McKinley.
  • In the United States, the first commercial air flight designed to deliver freight takes place.  The flight was made by Wright Brothers pilot Phillip Parmalee and went from Dayton, Ohio to Columbus Ohio.
  • President Taft became the first president to toss out the season opener baseball.
  • The Boy Scouts of America was founded
  • Alva Fisher patented the first washing machine (certainly not a very successful contraption….)
  • Union of South Africa declares its independence from the UK
  • New York’s Penn Station opens as world’s largest railway terminal
  • The first US patent for inventing the traffic lights system is issued to Ernest Sirrine.
  • April 1910; Mark Twain dies
  • And finally, Haley’s Comet causes a stir as the Earth passes through it tail and causes great fear.