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The Mesa Neighborhood Palm Springs CA

The other day, I rode my bike up and around every street in The Mesa Neighborhood Palm Springs CA.  I came away with the feeling this may now be one of my favorite Palm Springs Neighborhoods!  Why?  Its a feeling I get when riding around and seeing all the wonderful properties.  Then the I take into account the diverse architecture ranging from Mid-Century Modern to Spanish and a few more styles tossed in for diversity.  And now a bit of history….

It was Edmond Fulford’s vision to build a community in a secluded Palm Springs location.  He wanted something unique and protected from the desert winds.  To that end, he established the Palm Canyon Mesa on the lowest hills of the San Jacinto mountains in a very nice caldera.  His dream of the community being private and secluded with a single main entrance never came to be but the rest is as they say history.  The Gatehouse between South Palm Canyon and El Portal remains today as the neighborhood icon and is restored to its original beauty.

The Mesa resides on the east flank of Tahquitz Canyon.
Boundaries Include:
•    El Camino Way/Ridge Road and Alta Vista Road on the north
•    The eastern boundary is along and west of the eastern slope of the San Jacinto mountains
•    The western boundary is west of the centerline of South Palm Canyon Drive
•    The southern boundary is north of, but not including Cantina Way

The canyon is rugged with natural beauty and rich with Indian folklore.  The hills are rolling and the streets wind around the area giving one a great sense of being up in the hills.  The Mesa today is a diverse mix of people, unique architecture and an awesome setting.  Its friendly, walkable and certainly a great place to ride your bike!

And while you’re there, visit the Moorten Botanical Garden.  Its full of native plants and is a great oasis there in the foothills of The Mesa.

The Mesa Neighborhood Palm Springs CA


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