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Should I Buy Newer Palm Springs Condo Or One Built In The 70’s or 80’s?

Buy Newer Palm Springs CondoWhy Buy Newer Palm Springs Condo?

You’re in the market for a Palm Springs condo so the question becomes Should I Buy Newer Palm Springs Condo?  Or maybe one built in the 70’s or 80’s?

Great Question!  So let’s answer it.

As with any question about architecture and age, it’s a matter of taste and preference but there are a few things to consider that may help you to decide.

  • Like open space?  Then an older condo will work best.  The units built back then are on expansive land with lots of green space (land was cheaper) so its more of a park-like feel.  Newer Condo developments have little green space if any.
  • Land type matter?  Well many condos are on lease land so the choices for condos on Fee land are limited.  (What is Lease Land?)
  • What about style?  Older condos can range from Mid-Century Modern all the way to Spanish.  Many have open floor plans or can be easily modified into a Great Room.
  • Older condos are more likely to have larger multiple outdoor patios which is a real plus for the Palm Springs Lifestyle
  • Neighborhoods- Condos are located in most neighborhoods but do know it affects price.  South end and near mountain condos are higher priced.
  • Is Golf and Tennis important?  Older ones win here too.  In fact, the older complexes are amazing when it comes to Tennis.  Golf on the other hand means a possibility of course fees included in the HOA for some or a higher purchase price for a Fairway unit.
  • Does price matter?  You bet and some of the older ones will be a better value even if they need some updating or repair.

And the above only touch on the options and choices.  When it comes to searching, you will not be able to see some of the nuances described above.  Only a Realtor experienced with Palm Springs can help you decide to Buy Newer Palm Springs Condo or maybe opt for one that has a few years and some character and may only need to be updated. There are good choices in units that have been updated so take your pick.

Call our office today and talk to one of our agents about what choices there are for owning a Palm Springs Condo.

Take a look below at your choices available right now if you choose to buy a Buy Newer Palm Springs Condo or one that has a few years under its belt.

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