Selling Your Home Tips – Where Is The Real Value In A Home? How Do You Get The Best Price?


Selling Your Home Tips – When selling your home, how do you get the best price?

 Selling your home

Everyone needs Selling Your Home Tips and we all talk about a home’s value or the Real Value Of A Home but how does one obtain the most value out of their biggest asset?  Is it always in dollars and cents or is there more? Are you selling your memories? Or a structure?

So are there Selling Your Home Tips I can read?

Your home is just that, your home.  It’s where you grew up, it’s where you raised your kids.  It’s where you were first married or partnered as a couple.  And it where you had happiness, sorrow, parties and tears.  Every human event and emotion all takes place in your home and it’s where your memories happen.  And in there lies some of the value within those four walls.

But then you decide you’re going to sell…….

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100 Years Of Palm Springs History, Lifestyle

100 Years Of Palm Springs History – 1913 Cabot Yerxa Comes To DHS

1913 Cabot Yerxa Settles In Desert Hot Springs – 100 Years Of Palm Springs History –


Palm Springs History
Flckr photo courtesy of grabadonut

In our continuing series on Palm Springs History, we can now learn about Cabot Yerxa.  As an early settler and explorer, he’s best known for digging a now famous well in Desert Hot Springs and discovered guess what?  The now famous hot mineral springs enjoyed by many tourists; especially those from Europe. Continue reading “100 Years Of Palm Springs History – 1913 Cabot Yerxa Comes To DHS”

101 Things To Do in Palm Springs, Lifestyle

Is Palm Springs a Summer Ghost Town? Palm Springs Summer Activities

A Cool Palm Springs Oasis

Palm Springs Summer Activities

Palm Springs, CA is a year round community and when the Snowbirds leave in Spring, we have a large number of full-time residents.  Sometimes we refer to ourselves as desert rats and jokingly laugh about it because we are.  Some folks, the locals,  like to hear themselves complain about the heat but in reality, they love it and much prefer summer over winter.

At least I do for sure!

So how do we survive 110 to 120 degree temperatures in Palm Springs?

It’s not so bad, it just sounds bad.  First, we dress in very light clothes.  We tend to rise earlier than some and get our summer day started early.  Finish indoor and outdoor chores and run errands as soon as possible.  Then its time to take life a bit easier.  Relax indoors or take a long dip in the pool.

Afterward, anything from relaxing to going to a movie.  It’s just life.  And we do become acclimated to the high temps as do the people who have to survive 10 below zero winters or 98% humidity summers.  It’s all in the desire.

Understanding the closing escrow process...... It's a fire drill!


We have lots of places we can visit to get away from it all.  Idyllwild, San Diego, or taking a ride up the Palm Springs Aerial Tram all provide places to go and enjoy cooler temperatures.  And we tend to travel north for our vacations- far north- LOL.

I love to ride my bike so we have a group who gets up early 3 or 4 times a week and we ride before the heat turns on.  Same with the golfers, tennis players, hikers, etc.

NOTE:  When hiking in these parts in summer, remember these two rules:

  1. Let someone know where you are going and when you will be expected back
  2. Take plenty of water!  At least a bottle for every hour you will be out.
  3. Don’t even THINK of not obeying rule 1 and 2.  People perish every year for breaking these two rules.

So if all of this sounds like fun, add the Summer to our fantastic Fall, Winter and Spring and you see why we call this Paradise.

And FYI- the Snowbird season is from November until around May with the peak from December till April.

Palm Springs Desert
The summer heat brings its own brand of fun to Palm Springs, CA

Come Find YOUR Place In The Sun

Buying or Selling Greater Palm Springs Area Real Estate

Buying or Selling in today’s real estate market is a challenge and a process that is easily accomplished with the help of a Real Estate professional.  You will need an expert who has lived in the desert and knows the lifestyle and the housing market here.  The market in the Greater Palm Springs Area is alive and the values are exceptional for those who are looking for an ideal investment or a vacation/retirement property.  We have choices for every need and budget in the communities we serve with any amenity you may desire.  And if this is to be your primary residence we have what it takes to get you settled into a fine family home in the neighborhood of your choice.

When I help you sell your home in the Greater Palm Springs Area, I strive to make the experience easy, friendly and yet professional. My mission is to provide outstanding service while utilizing the best practices and Internet technology available.

If you are plan to rent your home, we have the staff partners who can assist with management as well as a project manager who can assist with projects while you are away from the property.

For more information on how I can best serve your Greater Palm Springs area needs, please give us a call at 760-413-2871.

I won’t just sell you a house but I WILL help you find the home you will LOVE!

Ron is a Greater Palm Springs Area Realtor® specializing in vacation homes, investment properties and primary single family residences. He has the long term knowledge necessary to make the buying and selling of  Greater Palm Springs Area real estate a smooth enjoyable process.



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The 7 Principles Of Being An Effective Home Seller

What are the The 7 Principles Of Being An Effective Home Seller?Be Effective Home Seller

Learning to be an Effective Home Seller will teach you why your neighbor listed their home and it sold fast and then you listed yours and there it sits.

The habits of being an effective home seller are ones that are easily learned and can make all the difference in the world on whether your home will sell quickly or will sit an languish.  How does one learn?  And what are the principles of selling your home quickly and effectively the least amount of time with as little stress as possible? Continue reading “The 7 Principles Of Being An Effective Home Seller”


Before, During, and After the Sale: Tips for Purchasing a Home in Today’s Economy

Planning on Purchasing a Palm Springs home?  Tips for Purchasing a Home in Today’s Economy

Home Inspection done by Assurance Property Inspections

Before, During, and After The Sale:
what you need to know

What do you need to know about Purchasing a Home in Today’s Economy?  Things are changing every day so even if you’ve read up before, read this article.  And while reading, remember this:

A licensed Real Estate Agent is the one person who will always be with you throughout the process and will answer every question along the way.

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