The 7 Principles Of Being An Effective Home Seller

What are the The 7 Principles Of Being An Effective Home Seller?Be Effective Home Seller

Learning to be an Effective Home Seller will teach you why your neighbor listed their home and it sold fast and then you listed yours and there it sits.

The habits of being an effective home seller are ones that are easily learned and can make all the difference in the world on whether your home will sell quickly or will sit an languish.  How does one learn?  And what are the principles of selling your home quickly and effectively the least amount of time with as little stress as possible?

Here goes!

  1. Know that when you decide to sell your home and place it on the market, your home is no longer yours.  WHAT?  That’s right.  As soon as you open your doors to buyers, know that they will be looking to see how the home will suit their taste not yours. And they want to envision it as their home, not yours.   So begin by clearing out all the personal family pictures, memorabilia, souvenirs, antiques from grandma and any other relics.  They just won’t add a thing to someone who has no knowledge of what they mean.
  2. And while you are at it, clean out all closets and de-stuff your house.  Clean out the garage, attic, storage shed, kitchen cupboards, closets, book cases, etc.  All these things do is make the home look smaller and what you really want is for a buyer to think there’s tons of room for THEIR stuff, right?
  3. Check out the curb appeal.  I’ve been with hundreds of buyers over the years and two things are for sure.  One, if it looks shabby outside, people will think its shabby on the inside.  Two, they may not even want to come in so if you’ve done your work inside, they may never get to see it.
  4. Find a good Realtor!   Interview several and pick one who understands and knows your neighborhood.  Ask what their marketing plan entails and check out their web presence.  (See, we have that which is why you’re reading this)
  5. Listen to your Realtor!  If you picked this person to help you sell your home, why not listen to their advice?  Especially when it comes to pricing.  So your Realtor has taken the time to do a market survey of all the sales in the last nine months.  Based on condition of those sales and their features, they come up with a price.  Sort of like an appraisal.  And remember also, it comes down to price vs. condition!  Any expert will tell you that.  This is as we say “what the market will bear” right?  Well if you say “I think its worth a lot more than force them to over price your home.  And then it doesn’t sell!  Whose fault is that now?
  6. Make your home easy and available to show!  The FEWER RESTRICTIONS required to get in for a showing, the better.  And if you have a big dog to deal with. come up with a way to allow a buyer in or we can’t show the home.
  7. Get lost!  yes, when a buyer is coming over, if you must be there, don’t try to be the sales person.  Step away and let them go about looking at the place in comfort.  Yes, they’re going to open your closets and cupboards and look everywhere.  after all, they have to ensure all their stuff will fit in nicely when they move in.

And these is only the most important things to consider.  There are other things to think about as well so above all, keep an open mind, follow the advice of the pros, and your home will sell in a reasonable amount of time.  The buyers are there, mortgages are cheap and all we need to do is make them see that your home is the one for them.  Be Effective Home Seller.

And watch this video for some good advice on pricing.

It’s the one reason homes do not sell.