Selling Your Home Tips – Where Is The Real Value In A Home? How Do You Get The Best Price?


Selling Your Home Tips – When selling your home, how do you get the best price?

 Selling your home

Everyone needs Selling Your Home Tips and we all talk about a home’s value or the Real Value Of A Home but how does one obtain the most value out of their biggest asset?  Is it always in dollars and cents or is there more? Are you selling your memories? Or a structure?

So are there Selling Your Home Tips I can read?

Your home is just that, your home.  It’s where you grew up, it’s where you raised your kids.  It’s where you were first married or partnered as a couple.  And it where you had happiness, sorrow, parties and tears.  Every human event and emotion all takes place in your home and it’s where your memories happen.  And in there lies some of the value within those four walls.

But then you decide you’re going to sell…….

And you want me to do what to sell it???


Hoooolllllld on a minute buster!  Just because I hired you as my Realtor to sell my home is no excuse for you to tell me how I’m going to show my home!!!!!!  You have some nerve trying to tell me to take this stuff down and put it all away.  It’s my home for crap sakes!  My baby skinned her knee and my Johnny….. he…….

( Me:)

ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz………NOT again…..

Now take it easy pardner…..just maybe you need some advice here or a Home StHome selling tipsager

I’m not trying to disrespect your family memories or am I trying to tell you what to do.  Really.  Well yes I am in a way.  You see when you put your home on the market, technically it becomes the home for the person who is about to buy it.  And they’ll need to picture THEIR family in that space and not yours. So while you think all of that great memorabilia looks neat and reminds you of days gone by, it just may not work for the person who is trying to envision their life within those walls.

Now some buyers can walk into a home and see right through all that stuff.  Others, not so easy and we’ve seen it where buyers turn to us and comment in a not so good of a way.

So if your going to move anyway, why not pack it all up into boxes, label as your family memories and put it away. Then make some sense out of what is left.  Arrange the furniture in a way that maximizes the space and if you have extra pieces, put them away too.

For more information, contact a Home Stager or a Home Staging Website or Company.  They won’t tell you anything different but they may just show you how to maximize your home into a quick and more profitable sale.