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Concierge Services in Palm Springs

Let us help you manage your home or condo while you are away using our Concierge Services

We can keep your mind at ease while you are away for the summer.  Believe me, things can go wrong and why face dealing with these things when you arrive back in Palm Springs.  For a small fee, we can keep an eye open for you, advise you of any issues, and help get repairs completed if required.

Give us a call for more information at 760-413-2871

Our Concierge services plans are simple and pricing is affordable.


General Services and Features or Concierge services:
  1. Interior and exterior property walk through to look for any abnormality
    • includes a monthly walk-through
    • check AC function
    • run water into traps and flush toilets as required.
    • Walk through home and outdoor areas looking for anything that may be a problem
  2. Coordinate allowing access to your home for any reason you may choose. Repairs, maintenance, cleaning, etc.
  3. We will be your local alarm company contact
  4. Help with check-in and check out if you rent your home
  5. Assist with allowing repair company access to your home as required
Plan One: $100.00 per quarter
  • One visit per month
  • Includes all general features
  • One free service call per quarter
  • Additional service calls billed at $25.00 per hour
Plan Two: $100.00 per month
  • One visit per week
  • All general features included
  • Water house plants and check on other plants that may need more care
  • One additional emergency visit per month included
Plan Three: $100.00 per week
  • Daily visit to the home
  • All General Features Included
  • Water plants as required
  • Any additional  daily tasks you may need
  • Two emergency calls per month included
Why Choose Us for your Concierge Services?

Because we have the experience.  Because we have the network of professionals gathered over 25 collective years of selling homes in the desert. And because you know us.  If we didn’t sell you a home,  check on our Testimonials page and read the comments from a few of our happy clients.

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