Home Staging Tips – Sell Your Palm Springs Home Faster

Staging Tips
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Home Staging Tips – Sell Your Palm Springs Home Faster-

(or any home for that matter.)

Are Home Staging Tips From A Pro that important?  What is home staging you ask? Well, step right this way. It’s probably the most important thing you can do to prepare your home for sale in today’s marketplace and one that will pay you for your effort and expense.

How much Expense?  Not much really as you can do many of the tasks yourself.  A few hundred or a few thousand dollars will translate into more value and a higher sales price.  If you hire a pro (and it’s not a bad idea) then the cost goes up some but studies show it does have a solid pay back.

In any event, here are some TIPS for do-it-yourselfers or to help you talk to a home stager with some knowledge.

  • Clear it all out.

I mean it, friend, move it all out!  The room doesn’t need total functionality, (as in TV, Stereo, accessories) just the basics.  Clean, crisp, and maybe hip items are what you need to show a more modern style.  And clear out the closets!  Give the stuff you don’t need to local charity and if its stuff you want to keep, box it up and put it in storage (and that is not spelled g-a-r-a-g-e).  After all, you are going to have to do this sooner or later.

  • Clean it all up.

Makes sense doesn’t it?  Well you’d be surprised on the mess we get to walk in on.  Laundry on the floor, beds not made, dishes in the sink.  And it’s not that we go looking, but if it’s not clean, it’s not going to show well and can turn a buyer right off.

  • Freshen the look

What made sense in your decor 10 or 20 years ago will not help the appeal of your home today.  Some buyers lack the imagination gene that helps to see through a dated look into today’s style.  Check out on the web for great ideas that are in most cases, inexpensive ways to brighten the look of your home.

  • Fix it up!

Just taking one day to fix those annoying little things that make your home seem a bit neglected will go a long way towards buyer appreciation.  Squeaky doors, doors that don’t close well;  broken fixtures, door knobs and fittings anything that looks like it needs  fixing.  And how about a new shower curtain?  Just do it!

  • Depersonalize it

 Yes we know its hard to pack up all those pictures and trophies.  That goes for your beloved car collection,  the 250 salt and pepper shakers, the photos of the grand-kids, all tchotchkes – everything.  Then refill the space with only what you may need to define its use and to make it look like any ole’ person could use the room without feeling like they’re intruding.

  • Maybe a few new light fixtures?

Look around and if any of the light fixtures look old, worn or just have no pizazz, then replace a few of them that are most noticeable.  Some fixtures can give you an updated look for about 25 bucks apiece so why not?

  • Make the curb appeal appealing

Again, if it’s looking tired, worn or over-grown, they may just pass you by.  And in my opinion, just painting the front door in a bold contrasting color will up the welcome factor 100%.  Try it!

  • Rule:  if its worn out, toss it out!

Throw rugs, old plants, chairs, anything broken.  Again, you’re going to have to do this anyway so why show worn out objects to a perspective buyer?

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The following video is a perfect example of how a little bit of money or imagination can go a long way.

It’s less than two minutes long so take a look.