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100 Years Of Palm Springs History 1914 – Otto Adler Started Our First Newspaper

1914 Palm Springs History Otto Adler

100 Years Of Palm Springs History 1914

Otto Adler and The Red Front Store News


100 Years Of Palm Springs History 1914 saw Otto Adler, born in 1874, arriving in Palm Springs.  He set up a tent and began to sell food and supplies.  Soon after, he built a store and hotel called the Red Front Store and Hotel.August 1, 1914, Palm Springs got its first newspaper.  It was a non-commercial, 4-page X 3 column affair called the Red Front Store News.

The paper helped to promote the store and the hotel with ads but also carried local news of the day.  It would announce anything from the local mechanic building a new garage to Mr. Bisbee losing one of his mules tragic at the time because grapes needed to be shipped!

This was the wild west then so a mule was an important beast of burden to those early settlers.

The hotel ads boasted of a “tent room” for 50 cents a night or a chicken diner for 50cent; one with a German culinary flair to boot.

The store located north of the Desert Inn on what was then Main Street- now called Palm Canyon Drive.  They sold everything from bulk cookies to corn cob pipes for a nickel.

Later the Red Front became the La Plama Hotel and grew into two stories.  It had a history of never closing and was one of the first village businesses  open 12 months of the year!

Adler was active in community development, was a fire fighter, and took part in the development of Palm Canyon Drive.

Other events in the world in 1914:

  • Ford Motor Company announced an 8 hour workday with a living wage of $5.00 a day. (imagine that?)
  • Charles Chaplin made his film debut
  • Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation that began Mother’s Day
  • WWI was ramping up
  • A Belgian surgeon makes the first blood transfusion
  • Babe Ruth makes his major league baseball debut

All in all not a bad year!