Treat Callers Well- Find Success- Find A Palm Springs Realtor

Treat Those Callers Well- Make Them Feel Important- Find Success- Find A Palm Springs Realtor

Did you begin your search for a Realtor on the Internet?  And did you Find A Palm Springs Realtor?

Have you ever had one of those calls come in from someone who found you on the Internet?  And maybe they sound a bit unsure or they may be a wanting a small less expensive property?  How did you respond to that call?  Did you hurry them off or maybe not return the Voicemail?

Daytime Elevation


I have had a number of those calls lately and can say that in about half the cases, I either end up with a sale or at least an active client who may purchase in the near future.


A guy calls me 3 weeks ago and had already been brushed off by 2 other agents.  One of those agents is a gentleman I am familiar with.  In both cases, they didn’t have time for him and so he moved on and found me.

So I get the call and as usual, I spent some time with him on the phone and before long, we agreed to work together.  I get all the info I need, we get him on a conference call with my partner Ron Jesser, and long story short, we have an Escrow open.

Now granted, this is a 160K sale which is not a huge paycheck but none-the-less it is a sale.  What I did learn while he was here is that he has friends.  Friends who may buy so the fact that I treated him well may pay off for me later on.

Added to that fact is the realization that he now realizes we have properties here that are in need of renovation. I found this out because I took the time to give him the fifty cent tour. Guess what his trade is? He’s a contractor!

Let’s face it, if you have spent time and money for a presence on the Internet and in Facebook, why wouldn’t you invest those minutes just to see if it will pan out?  With more and more people beginning their search for a Realtor on the Internet, it pays to be open to every one who rings your phone.

The moral of this story is this.  Treat every call that that comes your way like they are the most important person in your life>>>> at that moment in time because you never know just who the high rollers are or if that small insignificant sale can lead to a lot more sales.

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