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Why Is Palm Springs California The Best Place For A Retirement Vacation Home

Palm Springs Mid-Century ModernWhy Is Palm Springs California The Best Place For A Retirement Vacation Home?

Time For An Update:

This past week, I attended the State Of The City event at the Convention Center.  Over 400 interested citizens were there with me as we looked at out progress of last year and then looked forward to the good things on the horizon.

So here are the highlights of what I heard:

  • The economy couldn’t be better. Tax revenues up, airport arrivals up; hotel room nights and activity is off the charts.
  • The downtown project will begin to see things go vertical very soon. And the Kimpton will be open by October, 2016.  How very exciting.
  • Most of the subterranean work for the entire parcel is about done.
  • The first tenant to announce their lease is West Elm.
  • The new Trolly is a HUGE success with 35,000 riders so far. (2/20)
  • Lots of new bike lanes coming and more street resurfacing than ever.
  • New construction in other areas is off the charts.  New businesses, hotels and restaurants abound.

So, yes, the time is right here in Palm Springs. We are not only back, we are on course to become the a top-tier vacation spot. The demand for all types of rentals remains very strong meaning if you have a rental, it is booked.  And with so many events to choose from, this place is FUN!

Give us a call if any of this makes you want to buy your next home. Or if you want to move up, let’s talk!
Easy, It’s all about location, affordability, weather and lifestyle!

Palm Springs got its vacation/get-away chutzpah for being a playground from the Hollywood set back in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. The stars and the movie moguls came here for fun, sun, relaxation and to get away from the Hollywood spotlight, the city mayhem and the Smog not to mention we are actually sunnier than LA!.  What grew up from that was what we have today, this wonderful mix of hotels, resorts, shopping, eateries, homes and condos all playing to the crowd who wants to play.

We Have the Location

Our location makes us ideal for buying a vacation or retirement property.  Palm Springs is 2 hours from Los Angeles,  a bit more from San Diego and we’re a half day drive from Los Vegas and Phoenix.  Then there’s the California coast and all its beauty…..What a deal!

Palm Springs is Affordable

It’s all about affordability, correct?  Right now in this place and in this time, there is no better time to buy here or in any of the desert cities. The prices per square foot are at an all time low and won’t get any cheaper.  And if financing is a must, with rates at 4-5%, how good does that get?

We’ve Got The Weather

Palm Springs sports about 330 days of sunshine per year and our average rainfall is about 5 inches per season.  Like to live outdoors a lot? This is the place.  Now mind you, summer is hot and for some, it’s too hot but many find it OK and even relish the heat.  The winter months are warm, with daytime highs often between 73 °F and 86 ° and corresponding nighttime lows of 50°F to 60°F while the coolest days tend to average from 62 °F to 71 °F and corresponding nights falling to the mid 40s°F.  Summer often sees daytime temperatures between 106 °F  and 112 °F, with overnight lows ranging from 77 °F to 90 °F.  The mean annual temperature is 74.7 °F.  There are 180 days with a high reaching 90 °F or more.

And Then There’s The Lifestyle

We’ve got the life and it’s all about the outdoors.  Many of us live here for the outdoor lifestyle.  Golf, Tennis, hiking, biking, walking, running, swimming, sunning, entertaining and even outdoor shopping such as El Paseo or our Certified Farmers Markets.  WOW!  What more can you ask for?  And I’m sure it’s not a complete list either.  Want more?  Palm Springs has one of the best and finest assortments of eating establishments anywhere.  We’re not talking about the usual corporate schmaltz.  Nope these are all fine independently owned serving food of all prices ranges, types and styles; something for every palette too.

So there you have it.  Now your next step is to talk to us about buying you home tight here in our Paradise called Palm Springs California.

Want more information about the Desert Cities?

Buying or Selling Palm Springs Real Estate?

Buying or Selling in today’s real estate market is a challenge and a process that is easily accomplished with the help of a Palm Springs real estate agent focusing on the neighboring desert cities. You will need an expert who has lived in the area, knows the lifestyle and the unique housing market.

The market for real estate in the desert is alive and the values are exceptional especially for those who are looking for an ideal investment or a vacation/retirement property. We have many Palm Springs real estate properties available for every need, budget and amenity list.

Buyers: Are you searching for your primary residence? We have a variety of Palm Springs homes for sale and have what it takes to get you settled in the neighborhood of your choice.

Selling your home? Your home selling experience will be one that is easy, friendly and professional. Our mission is to offer outstanding service while utilizing the best practices and Internet technology available. We are totally connected to the Internet and will market your home on every venue available! Results is what you expect and results is what you will get.

If you are planning to buy Palm Springs investment property, or property in the surrounding area, we have the staff partners who will help with any project or property management tasks while you are away. We have helped with the small properties all the way up to the multi-million dollar projects.

I’m not here just to sell you a home. I’m here to help you find the dream home you’ll love then make it yours!

For more information on how we can best serve your Palm Springs Real Estate and surrounding area needs, please fill out the online contact form or give us a call at 760-413-2871.

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Buying A Vacation Rental In Palm Springs

3 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Vacation Rental

Owning vacation rental property can be a solid investment and a great source of income if handled well. But, there can also be downsides. Avoid the pitfalls by using our vast experience in this area.

3295 Tiger Tail Lane
Tiger tail Lane At Dusk

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Managing Your Palm Springs Investment Property – Our Concierge Service May Be For You

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Managing Your Palm Springs Investment Property –

Why Our Concierge Service Makes Sense.


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Indian Lease Land In Palm Springs – What is it and why is it there?

Indian Lease Land In Palm Springs

Indian Lease Land In Palm Springs


In Palm Springs, we have something called Indian Lease Land.  Why?  Well a long time back…….

“In 1877 as an incentive to complete a railroad to the Pacific, the U.S. government gave Southern Pacific Railroad title to the odd-numbered parcels of land for ten miles on either side of the tracks running through the Southern California desert around Palm Springs. Continue reading “Indian Lease Land In Palm Springs – What is it and why is it there?”

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Investing In A Palm Springs Vacation Rental- Palm Springs CA

Is a Palm Springs vacation rental easy to rent? In a word YES! Consider these things…


There are many factors that control how long it will take your investment rental property or Palm Springs vacation rental property to rent.  Some of them are listed and discussed below but by and large, if you do your homework, it will rent as often as you like. Palm Springs is all about vacation rentals and investment properties and we have the tourists to fill them up all year round, yes in summer too!

  • Price- Is it priced fairly and accurately based on location, amenities and features?
  • What’s the best way to secure renters?  Nowadays using Air BnB or VRBO gets you all the business you need and their online tools make selection, booking and calendar management very easy.
  • Is it priced for short-term or long-term occupancy? That is what really decides price.  A weekend price differs from a one week price which  differs from a 30 day price and so on.  In season a nice Condo in a nice community in a good location can bring $600.00 to $800.00 a week.  A home can fetch as much and more depending on size and location.
  • Condition and product.  For a short-term rental, the condition must be impeccable to demand the best price and what are you renting out?  Condo or home?  Private pool?  Golf course?  Views?  Walk to downtown?
  • The home owner must be prepared to equip the condo with very nice everything! No compromises on furnishings clear down to silverware and bedding or else they may not come back next year.  The most important part of having a vacation rental is to get your renters to return so an example of some of  what you will need is:
        1. Sets of at 6 for everything
        2. Every imaginable accessory in the kitchen and bath
        3. Good electronics.  Not high-end but at least is should have a flat screen TV, Internet and a good DVD player
        4. Condos compete with Hotels (they don’t offer the privacy of a private pool and spa) but they can offer a great rate and maid service so you must stand out in other ways
  • MAJOR AND SURPRISING are renters qualifications and how they affect occupancy
      1. Yes, FICO score is very important. Tenants come out of the woodwork but their credit scores are at times quite low thus limiting the available renter pool
  • Is a pool important is renting a home?
      1. Depends on what kind of tenant inventory, Young families with young children, (is the house close to elementary or high schools?)
      2. Young families don’t want a pool, they want an enclosed large grassy lawn
      3. Teenage families want a pool
      4. Pools add about $150 to $200 a month in expenses that the owner must plan on.

Is it a good idea to buy a Condo for an investment rental or Palm Springs vacation rental property?  Well Yes and NO

  • Let’s discuss the No answer first.  There are lots of things to consider when renting a condo, things that make it a challenge to rent:
      1. First is does the HOA allow it?  Many have a stay requirement of 30 days or more so that may limit the short-term rentals
      2. Is there sufficient privacy?  How close is the pool?  Is it nice?
      3. Does it have a great patio and views?
      4. Are you OK with the fact it takes 3 or 4 seasons to build up a good inventory of guests?
      5. Is it easy to find and does it have good parking?
  • Now let’s discuss the YES answer
      1. Again a nice Condo in a nice community in a good location can bring $600.00 to $800.00 a week.
      2. It keeps the place fresh while you are away thus making your visits easier when you want to stay there yourself.
      3. It will off-set your HOA fees and the costs of owning a second home which is nice
      4. Your friends will like you and you will far more BFF’s… (just kidding)
We’ve included some listings below that will show you some great buys for Condos and Homes.  Give us a call any time if you want to discuss this topic further.

First are the Condos priced as a great investment rental or Palm Springs vacation rental:


And now the Homes that are priced for Palm Springs vacation rental and as great investment rentals