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Empty Nesters Should Consider Downsizing

Empty Nest? Empty Nesters Should Consider Downsizing

Consider the Benefits of Sprucing Up Your Home and Downsizing

Empty Nesters Should Consider Downsizing
Photo Credit: Monoar, Pixabay

Think downsizing is just for seniors or those in retirement? Think again. Empty Nesters Should Consider Downsizing.

Once your kids have left your home for good, you should seriously consider downsizing and making some improvements to your current home to boost its resale value. From enjoying a less stressful move to boosting retirement savings to saving money each month, there are many benefits to downsizing in your 40s instead of waiting until retirement.

Moving to a new area means you have the chance to relocate somewhere that’s closer to amenities or your workplace. Once you reach retirement, you’ll be glad that you’re close to amenities like shopping and restaurants. You may also want to live near recreational activities, such as a gym, and cultural amenities, such as a theatre, museum, or concert hall. Being near these things means you’ll never have a shortage of things to do, and you can easily access them. Additionally, staying active and social has proven benefits, especially as you age.

Moving is physically and emotionally hard no matter your age, but the older you are, the more this is true. Make the transition easier by moving in your 40s. To prevent moving again and to allow you to safely age in place, it’s important to choose a home that will suit your needs as you age. You’ll need home attributes such as wider doorways to accommodate a walker or wheelchair, slip-resistant floors, ramps, lever-style doorknobs, remotely controlled lighting, railings, walk-in showers, and more. Also, choose a home that’s either a single level or one that has a master bedroom on the first floor.

Having a higher mortgage can lead to you to cut back on essentials and prevent you from setting money aside for retirement. Also, people with mortgages retire later than those whose mortgages are paid off. If your home is delaying your retirement, downsizing to a smaller, less-expensive house well before retirement is logical over waiting until your 50s or 60s. “If the goal is stronger financial position when you get into your older years and retirement, the sooner you downsize, the better position you’ll be in,” says CBS News.

Waiting until your 50s or later to downsize doesn’t give you much time to reap the benefits. Doing it at 40 gives you another 10 years to boost retirement contributions by investing the difference and watching your money grow. For example, downsizing from a $250,000 house to one that costs $150,000 leaves you with $75,000 to add to savings after you factor out the costs of selling and moving, which is 10 percent of the selling price. Doing this in retirement increases your yearly income by $3,000 if you withdraw 4 percent of the $75,000 annually. However, if you do so in your 40s, you can invest the $75,000 with a 6.5 percent annual rate of return, and it could grow to nearly $250,000 over 20 years.

In addition to cutting your mortgage, downsizing can also cut the hidden costs of homeownership such as utilities, property taxes, HOA fees, and homeowner’s insurance. These hidden costs total to 3.25 percent of home’s value. Downsizing from a $250,000 home to $150,000 home means the costs drop from $8,125 a year to  $4,875 a year, which frees up $3,250 to add to savings. But the difference would be even more if you downsized in your 40s.

Downsizing means you’ll be selling your old home, and you want to get as much money out of it as possible. “One of the keys for adding value to your home is to repair, replace, or remove anything that could turn buyers away,” suggests HGTV. A fresh coat of paint is simple and cost-effective and makes rooms look clean and updated. If it’s in your budget, replace carpet with hard-surface floors. You’ll get the most reward from renovating the kitchen and bathroom. Even if you can’t afford a full remodel, small changes (such as replacing light fixtures or small appliances) will do wonders without breaking the bank. Planting shrubs and colorful plants will add curb appeal.

Whether you’re looking to improve your monthly finances, find a home with less unused space, or put more money away for retirement, downsizing might be a great decision for you. Once your kids leave and you have an empty nest, weigh the benefits of downsizing. To really get the most out of downsizing in your 40s, make some improvements to your home that will increase your resale value.

Photo Credit: Monoar, Pixabay

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Agua Caliente Band Cahuilla Indians Announces New Cultural Center

Chairman Jeff Grubbe: ACBCI Announces New Cultural Center

On October 6th, Agua Caliente band Of Cahuilla Indians (ACBCI) Chairman Jeff Grubbe announced the Tribe’s plans for their new cultural center in the heart of Downtown Palm Springs.  The location is on their 5.6 acre site at the intersection of Indian Canyon Drive and Tahquitz Canyon Way.  ACBCI Announces New Cultural Center

Groundbreaking is for the early part of 2018 and should take about 2 years to complete. It will feature a cultural museum, a new hot mineral springs spa, a gathering plaza plus gardens and an oasis trail.

From Jeff Grubbe: ACBCI Announces New Cultural Center

“This new cultural center provides an incredible opportunity to share and celebrate our history, culture and traditions with this community and visitors from around the world,” Tribal Chairman Jeff L. Grubbe said. “Each of the 566 federally recognized tribes throughout this country has a distinct culture that includes traditions, language, historic clothing and housing styles as well as historical food and medicine preparations. We want to share that with others as well as acknowledge the fact that we are alive and well today living in the modern world.”

The sacred waters are 12,000 years old and are very unique containing minerals not found anywhere else in the world.

The newly planned oasis trail will meander between the spa and the museum with lots of natural features that include gardens, waterfalls, a sandy beach, a fire pit, and a meditation labyrinth. The idea here is to build on the traditions and features of the ACBCI ancestral lands.

This will leave a true legacy for generations to come who will visit Palm Springs.

ACBCI Announces New Cultural Center
Images Provided by ACBCI

ACBCI Announces New Cultural Center
ACBCI Announces New Cultural Center

From the ACBCI website:

About the Tribe

The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians is a federally recognized Indian Tribe located in Palm Springs, California, with 31,500 acres of reservation lands that spread across Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, and into the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains. The Tribe currently owns and operates two 18-hole championship golf courses, the Spa Resort Casino in downtown Palm Springs and the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage. For more information about the Tribe, visit

About the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

The Agua Caliente Cultural Museum inspires people to learn about the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and other native cultures. The museum educates people about the issues and challenges of Native and indigenous people. The museum currently operates at 219 S. Palm Canyon Dr. in downtown Palm Springs. For more information, visit 

About JCJ Architecture

JCJ Architecture is a nationally recognized planning, architecture and interior design firm with offices in Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Hartford and New York City. Since its founding in 1936, the firm has worked with a diverse range of clients, including over 50 Tribal Nations, on projects ranging from hospitality and leisure, to cultural, community, gaming, education, public safety, and civic and having a comprehensive planning and design process that is formulated to address each project’s unique challenge, context and purpose. JCJ is made up of more than 100 employee-owners who are proud to have created buildings and places of exceptional and enduring quality.

Images from the ACBCI website


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Late Night Eats In Palm Springs California

Late Night Eats In Palm Springs California – It’s late And You Are Hungry…

We all get hungry late sometimes and we think: “Who is open late tonight?  Well your Late Night Eats In Palm Springs California quandary is now solved.

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Late Night Eats In Palm Springs, CA Where the locals go…

Where to Find Late Night Eats In Palm Springs, CA

Where the locals go to find that late night snack

So when it comes to Late Night Eats In Palm Springs, CA, where DO the locals go?

People are always asking for a list of where to eat after the regular restaurant dining room closings at 9:00 each evening. Its seems there are a lot of people who travel and arrive back late or some may works odd hours and look for a place to go when work is done. (Photos courtesy of PSEL Members)Late Night Eats In Palm Springs Continue reading “Late Night Eats In Palm Springs, CA Where the locals go…”

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Why Is Palm Springs California The Best Place For A Retirement Vacation Home

Palm Springs Mid-Century ModernWhy Is Palm Springs California The Best Place For A Retirement Vacation Home?

Time For An Update:

This past week, I attended the State Of The City event at the Convention Center.  Over 400 interested citizens were there with me as we looked at out progress of last year and then looked forward to the good things on the horizon.

So here are the highlights of what I heard:

  • The economy couldn’t be better. Tax revenues up, airport arrivals up; hotel room nights and activity is off the charts.
  • The downtown project will begin to see things go vertical very soon. And the Kimpton will be open by October, 2016.  How very exciting.
  • Most of the subterranean work for the entire parcel is about done.
  • The first tenant to announce their lease is West Elm.
  • The new Trolly is a HUGE success with 35,000 riders so far. (2/20)
  • Lots of new bike lanes coming and more street resurfacing than ever.
  • New construction in other areas is off the charts.  New businesses, hotels and restaurants abound.

So, yes, the time is right here in Palm Springs. We are not only back, we are on course to become the a top-tier vacation spot. The demand for all types of rentals remains very strong meaning if you have a rental, it is booked.  And with so many events to choose from, this place is FUN!

Give us a call if any of this makes you want to buy your next home. Or if you want to move up, let’s talk!
Easy, It’s all about location, affordability, weather and lifestyle!

Palm Springs got its vacation/get-away chutzpah for being a playground from the Hollywood set back in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. The stars and the movie moguls came here for fun, sun, relaxation and to get away from the Hollywood spotlight, the city mayhem and the Smog not to mention we are actually sunnier than LA!.  What grew up from that was what we have today, this wonderful mix of hotels, resorts, shopping, eateries, homes and condos all playing to the crowd who wants to play.

We Have the Location

Our location makes us ideal for buying a vacation or retirement property.  Palm Springs is 2 hours from Los Angeles,  a bit more from San Diego and we’re a half day drive from Los Vegas and Phoenix.  Then there’s the California coast and all its beauty…..What a deal!

Palm Springs is Affordable

It’s all about affordability, correct?  Right now in this place and in this time, there is no better time to buy here or in any of the desert cities. The prices per square foot are at an all time low and won’t get any cheaper.  And if financing is a must, with rates at 4-5%, how good does that get?

We’ve Got The Weather

Palm Springs sports about 330 days of sunshine per year and our average rainfall is about 5 inches per season.  Like to live outdoors a lot? This is the place.  Now mind you, summer is hot and for some, it’s too hot but many find it OK and even relish the heat.  The winter months are warm, with daytime highs often between 73 °F and 86 ° and corresponding nighttime lows of 50°F to 60°F while the coolest days tend to average from 62 °F to 71 °F and corresponding nights falling to the mid 40s°F.  Summer often sees daytime temperatures between 106 °F  and 112 °F, with overnight lows ranging from 77 °F to 90 °F.  The mean annual temperature is 74.7 °F.  There are 180 days with a high reaching 90 °F or more.

And Then There’s The Lifestyle

We’ve got the life and it’s all about the outdoors.  Many of us live here for the outdoor lifestyle.  Golf, Tennis, hiking, biking, walking, running, swimming, sunning, entertaining and even outdoor shopping such as El Paseo or our Certified Farmers Markets.  WOW!  What more can you ask for?  And I’m sure it’s not a complete list either.  Want more?  Palm Springs has one of the best and finest assortments of eating establishments anywhere.  We’re not talking about the usual corporate schmaltz.  Nope these are all fine independently owned serving food of all prices ranges, types and styles; something for every palette too.

So there you have it.  Now your next step is to talk to us about buying you home tight here in our Paradise called Palm Springs California.

Want more information about the Desert Cities?

Buying or Selling Palm Springs Real Estate?

Buying or Selling in today’s real estate market is a challenge and a process that is easily accomplished with the help of a Palm Springs real estate agent focusing on the neighboring desert cities. You will need an expert who has lived in the area, knows the lifestyle and the unique housing market.

The market for real estate in the desert is alive and the values are exceptional especially for those who are looking for an ideal investment or a vacation/retirement property. We have many Palm Springs real estate properties available for every need, budget and amenity list.

Buyers: Are you searching for your primary residence? We have a variety of Palm Springs homes for sale and have what it takes to get you settled in the neighborhood of your choice.

Selling your home? Your home selling experience will be one that is easy, friendly and professional. Our mission is to offer outstanding service while utilizing the best practices and Internet technology available. We are totally connected to the Internet and will market your home on every venue available! Results is what you expect and results is what you will get.

If you are planning to buy Palm Springs investment property, or property in the surrounding area, we have the staff partners who will help with any project or property management tasks while you are away. We have helped with the small properties all the way up to the multi-million dollar projects.

I’m not here just to sell you a home. I’m here to help you find the dream home you’ll love then make it yours!

For more information on how we can best serve your Palm Springs Real Estate and surrounding area needs, please fill out the online contact form or give us a call at 760-413-2871.

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