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The Historic Tennis Club Neighborhood – Palm Springs Neighborhoods

The Historic Tennis Club Neighborhood Is One You Will Love!

Classic, classy, secluded, close to downtown, home to many of the city’s small inns, walkable, bikeable, and great traits in a great neighborhood.  The Historic Tennis Club Neighborhood is not to be missed.

What’s more, it’s home to almost all of the Small Inns and Hotels Of Palm Springs.  This area of the city is a real treasure with its many intimate small hotels and Inns all offering personal service and very cool decor.  See the gallery of photos below.  It’s just a sample of the many available. Continue reading “The Historic Tennis Club Neighborhood – Palm Springs Neighborhoods”

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100 Years Of Palm Springs History – 1913 Cabot Yerxa Comes To DHS

1913 Cabot Yerxa Settles In Desert Hot Springs – 100 Years Of Palm Springs History –


Palm Springs History
Flckr photo courtesy of grabadonut

In our continuing series on Palm Springs History, we can now learn about Cabot Yerxa.  As an early settler and explorer, he’s best known for digging a now famous well in Desert Hot Springs and discovered guess what?  The now famous hot mineral springs enjoyed by many tourists; especially those from Europe. Continue reading “100 Years Of Palm Springs History – 1913 Cabot Yerxa Comes To DHS”

100 Years Of Palm Springs History

100 Years Palm Springs History- 1912

100 Years Palm Springs History- 1912; The White Sisters

Palm Springs History- 1912; The White Sisters came to town at a time when this place was still a big dry sandy windy desert.  So why would these brave ladies venture our into no-man’s (or woman’s) land?

Dr. Florilla White and Miss Corneila White were explorers, budding nature lovers and so they spent a lot of time exploring the desert especially the nearby canyons.  Story has it they also never wore dresses and were comfortable on a horse too.  Now a third sister, Isabel, was much more proper in her attire so I guess she was the “lady” in the bunch.

The sisters purchased Welwood Murray’s Palm Springs Hotel deriving much of their business from The Desert Inn.  At that time, Palm Springs had only 15 buildings in the village.  They purchased the entire 100 block of North Palm Canyon Drive and later purchased the entire block south of Tahquitz Canyon Way.  Apparently these ladies were very well off for those times.

The current Corneila White house, pictured above, was the one built by Welwood Murray of railroad ties in 1893.  It was located in the area south of Tahquitz and then was moved in 1944 to the area of Indian Canyon then later in 1979 to its current location.

For more information, read below about the fascinating and dangerous times in early Palm Springs History.


In other events:

Oasis Date garden is founded

The Titanic departed Queenstown Ireland bound for New York City

The Girl Scouts are founded in Georgia

Tarzan Of The Apes is published

San Francisco launches the first municipally owned street cars

For more information, contact the Palm Springs Historical Society.

100 Years Of Palm Springs History

100 Years Of Palm Springs History- Palm Springs CA History – 1911

Palm Springs History100 Years Of Palm Springs CA History ~1911

Welcome to the next post in our series about Palm Springs CA History ~1911.  The highlight today is J. Smeaton Chase.  Who?  Joseph Smeaton Chase, a man I would call an explorer, adventurer and author of books about California life in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Born in London, he arrived with an inheritance that was lost in the Bank panic of 1890.  Down on his luck, Chase moved to San Diego for a time then moved to Los Angeles where he became a social welfare worker.  His first book was entitled Yosemite and was published in 1911.  Then in 1915, he made his way to Palm Springs to take advantage of the healing powers of the local hot mineral springs.

His most famous books about Palm Springs, “Our Araby” and “Palm Springs And The Garden Of The Sun” are still in print.

He married Isabel White in 1917 then proceeded to write several books about California-based on his travels with Kaweah, is trusty horse.

From the Wiki article:

Chase was born in Islington, a neighbourhood in the London Borough of Islington, in April 1864. He arrived in Southern California in 1890, although information surrounding his motive for doing so is sparse. It is known however, that he lived on a mountainside and managed to obtain a job tutoring a wealthy rancher’s children in the San Gabriel Valley. Chase was drawn to the plants, animals, and Spanish-speaking individuals who resided in California. Subsequently, in 1911 he took a trip with local painter Carl Eytel, traveling on horseback from Los Angeles to Laguna and then down to San Diego.

Chase journeyed through the uncouth California land and detailed his escapades in his book California Desert Trails.[1] He was passionate that the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains be preserved as a national park. Chase appeals to readers who appreciate the unspoiled west and California history.

Chase died March 29, 1923 in Banning, California, after several years of poor health. His wife (Isabel, née White, April 18, 1876 – September 30, 1962) continued to live in Palm Springs. They are buried in a graveyard at the foot of Mt. San Jacinto in Palm Springs. Also his name is engraved at his parents’ (Samuel and Jane) headstone in the St. Mary the Virgin Cemetery, London Borough of Bexley, England


100 Years Of Palm Springs History

100 Years Of Palm Springs History~ 1910 Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs, California- A History100 Years Of Palm Springs History 1910, Palm Springs, CA


Travel with us through time as we explore 100 Years Of Palm Springs History 1910. This journey will show you the rich and vital history of this once wild west town that is now one of the best tourist stops in the US.

1910 was the year Coachella High School was founded.  It was built on 10 acres of desert brush made up of donated land.  Built in Thermal, CA which at that time, was considered the central part of the valley.  (And you thought it was all about Palm Springs, Eh?)

The school still exists today and is proud of its rich history and heritage.  The roots of the community are that of an agricultural economy which continues today.  Coachella produces more of the world’s dates than any other US city and they are a big export. They also grow a wide range of produce that is consumed locally and is shipped around the US.

Other 1910 world and local history highlights include:

  • At Casa Cody, A Small Inn of Palm Springs, the 1910 Adobe House once the playground of opera star Lawrence Tibbit and Charlie Chaplin
  • President Ronald Reagan was born
  • Climbers scaled the highest peak in North America, Alaska’s Mt McKinley.
  • In the United States, the first commercial air flight designed to deliver freight takes place.  The flight was made by Wright Brothers pilot Phillip Parmalee and went from Dayton, Ohio to Columbus Ohio.
  • President Taft became the first president to toss out the season opener baseball.
  • The Boy Scouts of America was founded
  • Alva Fisher patented the first washing machine (certainly not a very successful contraption….)
  • Union of South Africa declares its independence from the UK
  • New York’s Penn Station opens as world’s largest railway terminal
  • The first US patent for inventing the traffic lights system is issued to Ernest Sirrine.
  • April 1910; Mark Twain dies
  • And finally, Haley’s Comet causes a stir as the Earth passes through it tail and causes great fear.